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Moffat County Tourism 2022 Campaign

Campaign Branding |

Collateral Design 

The 2022 campaign is based off a series of decals from 2021. The County Board decided to repurpose the images for a series of posters to promote their tourism campaign. I now needed to "Dig A Little Deeper" and stylize the images to help push outdoor recreation in Moffat County. 


I was given the first three images that they wanted to use along with the county's brand identity guidelines. They asked that I use the fonts Rift Soft and Shelby. After explaining that both of those fonts are better for headers and not body copy, I was able to convince them to use Bookmaina which pairs wonderfully with Rift Soft. Each image uses the blue/grey of Moffat County's color brand. I then sampled multiple colors out of the background of each image to create a complimentary color. To give the campaign images a repeated style, I used splatter brushes to create a vignette effect.

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