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Ross and Jan Sessions have a beautiful cattle ranch nestled in the mountains of Colorado. Their son runs a second location in Montana raising cattle and hogs. They had grown the ranches from a passion into a business and it was time to turn the 6 Broken Bar 10 into Little Ross Ranch.


When you're talking about brands and ranches, you're typically talking about a piece of iron shaped to the ranches logo. Then it's heated to mark the cattle in case they get loose, and ownership needs to be proven. That brand is the 6 Broken Bar 10. In this venture the brand was going to be the logo for the Little Ross Ranch.


On the main logo I really wanted to give it dimension and make it look like it had been branded. I focused on thickening and roughing up the edges and pulling some color out of the middle to give it a beveled look. This version was great for all things print but a smooth one was also needed as the rough edges were not going to look good embroidered.


Capturing the ranch feel I used a modified version of the font Stud for their main title. The accompanying font is hands down my favorite, Proxima Nova. It has a wealth of alternative glyphs and drop caps with perfect line weight. Knowing how much collateral was going to be coming down the line Proxima Nova was a great choice as it's perfect for header as well as body copy. 

Ross and Jan were so pleased with the branding process I provided on Little Ross Ranch that they requested my services for their next venture, Black Mountain Processing. Black Mountain is visible from their ranch so they felt it was the perfect name. I was able to get some nice photos of the mountain and recreate a vector silhouette for the logo. Aiming for a legible script font, I used Blacksword and then paired it with the time tested font Futura. The M was modified to simulate mountains. In order to tie the two logos together I used the same brown from Little Ross Ranch and complemented it with pine green.

Ross and Jan love the wood branded look so I used a technique to simulate a realistic logo brand that would be used throughout their Little Ross Ranch collateral. Being an animal processing business, I took advantage of butcher paper as a repeated background texture. 

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