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Sotheby's International

Rebranding | Logo Design

Sotheby's International recently purchased two properties that were in dire need of branding updates. They asked that the designs feel like a family with a cohesive look while still maintaining their own individualism and style. They were also interested in both logos incorporating a stand alone icon.

Aspen Grove's visual connect was to be elegant and inviting with the icon  resembling a wax seal. Their direction for the icon was to have a house in the middle with trees growing out of the roof. Wildlife is a big part of the allure of the region, so I added a set of antlers into the trees, they killed. Kidding aside, the final icon will make an excellent wax seal and sits perfectly within the text. To capture the elegant side, I went with the Art Deco style font Neutra Display for the property's name. Paring it with a serif font whose line weight would not compete with the main name I chose the font BioRhyme and gave the leading enough space to be smaller and still legible. Finishing off the logo, a complimentary set of cool blues were used to give the logo a soft and inviting feel.

Though I was working on both logos at the same time, Aspen Grove was approved first. I needed to make Elk Run feel like it fit in the same family. Since both complexes were two-word titles, I pitched circular icons in the middle of both, which was well received. To differentiate from the abstractness of Aspen Grove's icon, Elk Run was going to be quite literally, an elk. Staying with the nature theme I went with a slab font that has some rustic aspects yet still highly legible named Ernestine Pro. Then pairing it with the extended font Bicyclette made for the perfect balance. The logo was all tied together with three earth tones that nailed the feel for the future Elk Run Apartments.   


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