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The Mushroom Mission​

Branding | Logo Design |

Collateral  Design | Web Design

The Mushroom Mission is a startup focused on education of mushrooms to remove impurities from soil as well as a nutritional food staple. During their consultation we discussed the imagery and emotion that they felt reflected their identity. The best choice for branding this project was going to be an organic approach, using earth tones and a modern clean font. For the icon, the client wanted to include as much of the mushroom anatomy without making it too busy. I was able to balance out the detail and simplicity by incorporating the most recognizable mushroom aspects, the skirt and gills.

The Mushroom Mission are movers and shakers. Attending multiple non-stop farmers markets and locations in co-ops made for a lot of collateral design. Numerous table banners and sandwich board signs were needed as well as a website. Staying with the organic feel I used an array of wood textures for backgrounds.

The website, despite being mainly educational with a great deal of information, is also an online store with chat features.  The design elements were the same for the website as they were for the collateral, wood grains and earth tones. The condensed font Amatic was added in for space saving along with its hand drawn look and organic feel. Their website can be viewed at

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