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The Summit Tip Tool and Packaging

The Summit

Branding | Logo Design | R&D

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Collateral Design 

I love being involved in the initial creative processes when brainstorming for new logos. It is a great opportunity to think outside of the box and create visually stimulating symbols that will stay with people. The Summit was going to be much more than just a logo and brand identity.


The Summit brand took me further into product design then I had been in the past creating pool cues and custom cases. Building precise 2D & 3D line drawings is a highly detailed process I enjoy and was ready to apply toward a new products. I would then send the builds to our manufacturers in China so they could mold prototypes. The product would be tested and upon approval I would photograph it for collateral creation and packaging.

The package design was exciting and almost as precise as the design of the product. I really enjoyed building the cardboard version, but our retail customers felt that hanging the product would save space. They were 100% right! So I converted the design over to blister packs for all of the tools.

Through visually striking magazine ads, online banners and all around strong design I was able to build The Summit into a brand that is still going strong today.

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